Quinta, 26 de Novembro de 2020

Mexican National Football 7 Team will play at the Intercontinental Cup in Orlando, between the 14th and 16th of February

Check out the schedule below

21/01/2020 16h04
Por: Press Office

FIF7 will organize a children's soccer 7 tournament at Ronaldo Academy Sports Complex on February 15th and 16th. The event will bring together teams of different age groups and categories and aims to promote a sports exchange and present the sport officially to the community.

At the same time as the children's tournament is being held, another event will be held bringing together professional soccer 7 teams from Brazil, Mexico, the United States and Colombia. Entrance to the games will be free. Big international football 7 stars will be present at the Intercontinental Cup.

The Mexican National Football 7 Team is the current world runner-up and will be on the field with the biggest names in the Mexican Football 7 League, with highlights like Bogar Moreno, who was voted the best player in the world in 2016.

Check out the schedule below:

Thursday, February 13

19h00 - Press conference and autograph session with national team players.

20h00 - National Teams Training

Friday, February 14

7:45 pm - Brazil x USA

9:00 pm - Colombia x Mexico

Saturday, February 15

09h00 - Children's Football 7 Tournament

1 pm - Brazil x Colombia

2:15 pm - Mexico x USA