Quinta, 26 de Novembro de 2020
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FIF7’s president will be in Santiago for the launch of an international project

FIF7 is the top entity in football 7 worldwide and has 49 affiliated countries

05/02/2020 17h02 Updated 2 months
Por: Press Office

The International Football 7 Federation (FIF7) will hold a press conference next saturday, (15/02) at 19h at the Hotel Eurotel Providencia in Santiago (Chile) for the launch of a football 7 development project for the Chileans at an international level and for the presentation of the international calendar for 2020. The event is open to the public and will be directed by the uruguayan Fabian Canaveris, FIF7’s president, who will end his term at the entity, next March.



“I am leaving the presidency in March, but I will remain in the organization as South America’s director. We will work hard to develop football 7 in Chile and we will make a big investment to build in the country, one of the biggest national championships of the sport in the continent. I would like to invite all representatives of adult male and female teams and football schools to attend the event,” said Canaveris.

FIF7 is the top entity in football 7 worldwide and has 49 affiliated countries. Colombia will have a national competition, for the first time, recognized by FIF7.

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