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Held in Lima, Peru, the Southamerican Cup 2016 crowned Sidekicks (MEX) as the great winner

Look at how it went

31/05/2020 18h11 Updated 2 years
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The Copa Sudamericana was the second stage of the Circuit of the Americas in 2016 and brought together teams from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico in search of the title. The competition was held in Lima in Peru and the title was with the sidekicks team (Mexico) that won the academy team (Peru) in the grand finale. The third place was with the team from Cuenca (Ecuador).







Participating countries


Sidekicks / Mexico (Champion)

Academia / Peru (Second place)

Cuenca / Equador (Third place)

Bogota F7 / Colombia


​Individual awards


Best player - Bogar Moreno (Sidekicks / Mexico)

Top scorer - Sebastian Pollo (Academia / Peru)

Best goalkeeper - Fernando Arellano (Sidekicks / Mexico)

Best coach - Paco Rodrigues (Academia / Peru)