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FIF7 announces European Circuit with five stages

Competition to be held in summer 2021 in partnership with EMF

07/09/2020 14h32 Updated 2 years
Por: Press Office
FIF7 announces European Circuit with five stages

The Football Federation 7 (FIF7) launched the European Circuit, a competition to be held in the summer of 2021. The event will have five stages in different countries and is part of the project for the development of the sport on the continent.

In the last two seasons, FIF7 has organized events in Europe. In 2018, for the first time the international federation promoted the Football 7 European Club Championship in Barcelona, Spain. In the following year, the main teams of the world competed in the Football 7 World Cup 7 in Rome, Italy.

This time, the European Circuit will be held in partnership with FIF7 with European Minifootball (EMF). Soon, the prerequisites for countries to apply to host the stages will be released.