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Argentina confirms participation in the 2020 Copa America

Country will be represented with male and female teams

12/09/2020 14h34 Updated 2 years
Por: Press Office
Argentina confirms participation in the 2020 Copa America

The Argentine team will be present at the fourth edition of the Copa America. The championship will be played in December in Brazil, and the neighboring country will try the unprecedented title in the male and female categories. Argentina was present in all editions of the competition.

In 2019 the women's team hit the crossbar. In the city of Porto Alegre, the athletes showed quality and the sport development process that is being carried out in the country, winning the silver medal.

Men seek the first medal in the competition. With participation in two editions in Peru and last year in Brazil, the Argentines want to climb on the podium this time. In the last participation, the Argentine coach Gabriel Santagata was elected the best of the Copa America.