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Sassuolo (MEX) wins duel against Lord Chochrane (CHI) at the debut of the Women's League of the Americas

The duel took place this morning (04), in Porto Alegre, Brazil

04/12/2020 14h32 Updated 1 year
Por: Press Office
Photo: Marília Ortaça
Photo: Marília Ortaça

Arena Rodrigo Mendes, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, received this morning (04) the duel between Lord Chochrane (CHI) and Sassuolo (MEX) for the opening round of the Women's League of the Americas. With total dominance of the match, Sassuolo surpassed the opponent by 13-0.

The Mexican team had a great performance from the players Lulu and Rubí, who scored on three occasions.

The teams will return to Arena Rodrigo Mendes this Friday, to dispute the second round. Lord Chochrane (CHI) faces Rosário Central (BRA) at 16h15. At the same time, Sassuolo (MEX) plays against União Ribeirão FC (BRA).