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Chapecoense (BRA) dominates duel against Mirmidones (CHI) and wins in the debut of the League of the Americas

The match took place this Friday (04), in Porto Alegre, Brazil

04/12/2020 18h32
Por: Press Office
Photo: Marília Ortaça
Photo: Marília Ortaça

Chapecoense (BRA) and Mirmidones (CHI) dueled this Friday (04) for the first round of the League of the Americas. Imposing pace of play, Chapecoense beat their opponents by 7 to 1.

The teams played a busy match, but soon Chapecoense led the game and secured victory with goals from Jeferson, João, Marcelo, Felippe, Ruan and Patrick. For the Chilean team, José Norambuena discounted.