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Sassuolo (MEX) wins União Ribeirão FC (BRA) 4-2 in the second round of the Women's League of the Americas

The match took place on the afternoon of Friday (04); Team continues with 100% in the competition

04/12/2020 20h13
Por: Press Office
Photo: Marília Ortaça
Photo: Marília Ortaça

The biggest football competition 7 in South America continues to have great confrontations. On the afternoon of Friday (04), Arena Rodrigo Mendes, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, hosted the match between União Ribeirão FC (BRA) and Sassuolo (MEX) for the second round of the Women's League of the Americas. In another great performance by Rubí Carrera, Sassuolo won 4 to 2 and continues with 100% success in the competition.

The teams had a close contest and with two goals from Rubí, Lizeth and Imelda, the Mexican team sealed the victory. Thalita and Sheron cashed.

With the result, Sassuolo has six points and leads the group C. União Ribeirão has three points and is in the second position.