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Sassuolo (MEX) overcomes Grêmio (BRA) and goes to the quarterfinals of the Women's League of the Americas

Lucero and Vianey scored twice in the 7-3 win

06/12/2020 11h56
Por: Press Office
Photo: Marília Ortaça
Photo: Marília Ortaça

The Rodrigo Mendes Sports Center, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, hosted the match between Sassuolo (MEX) and Grêmio (BRA) for the second phase of the League of the Americas. Imposing a rhythm of play, Sassuolo won 7 to 3 and secured classification in the quarterfinals.

Lucero and Vianey were the highlights, scoring twice. Rubí, Lizeth and Lulu completed. Andriele, Bárbara and Giulianne decreased for Grêmio.

The quarterfinals of the League of the Americas will take place this Sunday (6th), in Porto Alegre. Sassuolo will duel against União Ribeirão FC (BRA), at 10:15 am, Brasília time, Brazil.