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Grêmio (BRA) wins Metropolitano (BRA) and heads to the quarterfinals of the 2020 League of the Americas

Cristian scored twice in the 6-3 win

06/12/2020 11h58
Por: Press Office
Photo: Marília Ortaça
Photo: Marília Ortaça

Grêmio (BRA) and Metropolitano (BRA) opened the duels of the second phase of the League of the Americas this Saturday afternoon (05). At Arena Rodrigo Mendes, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Grêmio confirmed the great campaign and overcame their opponents by 6 to 3, qualifying for the quarterfinals of the competition.

The highlight was Cristian Rodrigues, who rocked the nets on two occasions. Cláudio, Marcos and Nicholas closed the scoreboard. Kevin, Rafael and Jovaé scored for Metropolitano.

The quarterfinal matches of the League of the Americas take place this Sunday (06). Grêmio faces Chapecoense (BRA), at 14h.