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Mexico team wins Chile and goes to the grand final of the Women's 2020 Copa America

Match took place this Tuesday (08)

09/12/2020 07h09 Updated 4 years
Por: Press Office
Photo: Julia Rodrigues
Photo: Julia Rodrigues

Chile and Mexico had a busy match on Tuesday night (08) for the third round of the Women's Copa America. Playing at the Rodrigo Mendes Arena, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Mexico imposed its game and won 6-1.

Mexico started the match by imposing an intense pace of play and opened the scoring with goals from Lizeth Montes (2) and Elda Cervantes. In the second stage, the Mexico team continued the pressure and sealed the classification with goals from Valéria Macias, Martinez and Lucero Piña. Solange Figueroa scored for Chile.

In the grand final, which takes place this Wednesday (09), Mexico plays against Brazil, at 7:30 pm.