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Brazil beats Mexico and wins the second championship of the Women's Copa America 2020

Grand final took place this Wednesday night (09)

10/12/2020 01h57
Por: Press Office
Photo: Vithor Marques
Photo: Vithor Marques

Brazil is two-time champion of the Copa America 2020. On the night of Wednesday (09), at the Rodrigo Mendes Arena, Brazil and Mexico had a very emotional confrontation for the great final of the competition. After leaving behind on the scoreboard, the Brazilian team reacted and won 4-2.

The confrontation between Brazil and Mexico started intense, with the Mexico team defending itself well and betting on counterattacks. In the sixth minute of the first half, the Mexicans opened the scoring with a goal by Lizeth Montes. After suffering the goal, Brazil was quick to respond and, pressing the ball out, left everything the same with Taninha's goal.

The second stage was even more pressure, with the teams competing for each ball and searching for the goal at all times. Being more efficient in attack, Brazil counted on goals from Camilla, Marina and Bel to secure the second title. Valéria Macias cashed for Mexico.