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Brazilian team dominates, defeats Mexico and is three-time champion of the 2020 Copa America

Final took place this Wednesday (09), in Porto Alegre, Brazil

10/12/2020 02h03
Por: Press Office
Photo: Vithor Marques
Photo: Vithor Marques

On the night of Wednesday (09), the Rodrigo Mendes Arena, in Porto Alegre, was the stage of the match between Brazil and Mexico for the grand final of the Copa America 2020. With another gala performance, the Brazilian team won 10 to 2 and won become three times champion of the competition.

With a frantic start, Brazil opened the scoring in 30 seconds, with a goal by Luis Guilherme. After starting at the front, Brazil didn't give Mexico a chance and went to the break winning by 5 to 0. Goals from Júlio, Jefferson, Ewerton and Guinho.

The second stage was all of the Brazilian team, which imposed a more intense pace of play and secured the title with goals from Iago, Luis Fernando, Luis Guilherme and Luiggi (2). Gaspar and Marcos scored for Mexico.