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FIF7 announces date of the final of the League of the Americas between Vasco (BRA) and Sassuolo (MEX)

Decision will be in Florianópolis (Brazil), with transmission to the whole world

31/03/2021 13h11
Por: Press Office

Vasco (BRA) and Sassuolo (MEX) will decide the League of the Americas on May 8, in Tijucas (SC). The Brazilian club won the South American stage played in Porto Alegre and will face the defending champion of Central and North America. The final will be broadcast to everyone via F7TV.

Vasco is the current Brazilian champion and won the South American leg of the League of the Americas against Sassuolo himself by 5 to 4, who played in the competition as a guest. The Mexican team is the base of the selection and considered the best team in North and Central America, winning the right to dispute the final by winning the tournament in the region.

The decision will be on May 8, at 8:00 pm Brasília time, in Florianópolis. The match will be broadcast to everyone via F7TV, with simultaneous transmission on the Youtube channel and on the Facebooks of Futebol 7 Brasil and FIF7.