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In an exciting match, Sassuolo (MEX) defeats Vasco da Gama (BRA) and is champion of the League of the Americas

It is the first title of a team outside Brazil in the competition

10/05/2021 12h45
Por: Press Office
Foto: Gabriel Julio
Foto: Gabriel Julio

For the first time in history, a Mexican team wins the women's League of the Americas. After an exciting game, Sassuolo defeated Vasco da Gama by 5 to 4 on Saturday night (08), in Palhoça (Brazil) and returned the defeat suffered in the Brazilian stage in December, when Vasco won by the same score.

The match started with the two teams studying and risking little. Gradually, Sassuolo broke free and in a call from the defense to the attack, Valeria received and hit Chay's exit. On 24 minutes, Chiquita received on the side and hit a beautiful shot, expanding the score.

In the second half, the Mexican team put pressure on the ball and Vasco's defense ended up failing in the third goal, scored by Vianey. Behind the scoreboard, Vasco looked for the attack and decreased with the goals of Taninha and Beta. Sassuolo went on the attack again and Valeria scored the fourth goal. The Brazilians did not give up and tried to pressure, but in a counterattack Lulu made the fifth. Right on the ball, Vasco scored two, with Beta and Thaís, but it was too late, with the game ending 5 to 4 for Sassuolo.

See how the match went in the video below: