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Sassuolo (Mexico) confirms participation in FIF7 World Tour

Mexico Team confirmed in all international events

17/06/2021 20h42 Updated 2 years
Por: Press Office
Sassuolo (Mexico) confirms participation in FIF7 World Tour

Sassuolo (Mexico), current champion of the League of the Americas, is one of the strongest teams in the world today and this year will participate in a world tour. The team will travel to Cancun to play in the Copa Centro América in August. In October it is confirmed in the Liga de las Americas to be played in Chile and in November it will participate in the F7 World Clubs Championship in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).



Sassuolo - FIF7 World Tour

May - League of the Americas - Florianópolis (Brazil)
August - Copa Centro America - Cancun (Mexico)
October - League of the Americas - Santiago (Chile)
November - World Championship - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)