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Los Fecha Libre draws with Boca Juniors 1-1 in the debut of the two teams

Goals came in the second half

22/07/2022 19h07 Updated 10 months
Por: Press Office
Foto: Gabriel
Foto: Gabriel

The Copa Sudamericana hosted the confrontation between Los Fecha Libre (Chile) and Boca Juniors (Argentina), this Friday (22), at SB5 Fútbol, in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the second match of group A.

The match was pretty balanced. In the second half the Chilean team opened the scoring with Patrício Miguel and soon after, Boca Juniors left everything the same with Diego Roman.

In the second round, the Chilean team from Los Fecha Libre faces the Brazilian Shekinah while Boca Juniors will play a duel with compatriot Super Liga, the two matches will be played at 5.30 pm this Friday.