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News Sudamerican Cup

Bet Esporte debut beating Bogotá Seven, from Colombia, 7-0

Brazilian team opened the scoring early, at 3 minutes of the first half

22/07/2022 19h28
Por: Press Office
Foto: Vithor Marques
Foto: Vithor Marques

The Copa Sudamericana hosted the confrontation between S.A Betesporte (Brazil) and Bogotá Seven (Colombia), this Friday (22), at SB5 Fútbol, in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the first match of group C.

In the first half at 3 minutes, Bet Esporte opened the scoring in a failure by the Colombiam team. The Ball went back to goalkeeper Diego, and Kelvin was keen to push it to the back of the net and put the Brazilain team in front. The second goal of Betesporte came, at 6 minutes, Xaveirinho scores in a beautiful play worked, the player only needed to push to the back of the net.

In the second half with less than 1 minute, Bet Esporte reached the third goal, in a cross Rufino is face to face with the goalkeeper to push to the back of the net. The Brazilian team still scored the fourth goal at seven minutes, with William. The player took adventage of the rebound after a free kick. A minute later, William scores another beautiful goal facing the goalkeeper. In the 13th minute, Kelvin scored the sixth goal for Betesporte. In the 21st minute, Bet Esporte reached the seventh goal in a shot at the entrance of the area.