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Metropolitan League wins Rotonda by 2-1 in the teams’ debut in Group D

Argentina team turns the score around in the second stage. Chilean team managed to score at the beginning of the competition match in Buenos Aires

22/07/2022 19h42
Por: Press Office
Gabriel Molinari
Gabriel Molinari

The Copa Sudamericana de Futebol 7 hosted the confrontation between Rotonda (Chile) and Liga Metropolitana (Argentina), in the first round of Group D, this Friday (22), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Argentine team won the match by 2-1.

On a beautiful and sunny day in the Argentine capital, the teams made their debut on a field measuring 55m x 35m. The first half started busy with both teams getting a chance to score in the first minute of the match. At 7 minutes, the Chilean team scored. Rodolfo took it from outside the area and placed it in the low left corner of the Argentine goalkeeper.

After the goal, the game was more disputed in the half court with few chances of goal created by the two teams. At 16 minutes, Carrillo kicked and the ball deflected past the goal, in the best opportunity of the Argentine team.

In the second half, at 3 minutes, Edgar made a beautiful save after a strong kick from outside the area. However, in the corner kick, the equalizing goal of the Metropolitan League came out. Augustin headed in, alone in the middle of the area, to put equality on the scoreboard. In the 9th minute, in a quick counterattack, Alejandro hit a cross and hard on the left side and turned the score in favor of the Argentine team.

At 19, Rotonda had their great chance of equalizing in a frontal free kick, but the ball passed close to the post. At 22, the Argentine team exceeded the maximum limit of allowed fouls. Five minutes later, with a beautiful kick from outside the area, Rotonda almost scored the equalizer. End of game, 2 to 1 for the Metropolitan League.

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