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Los Fecha Libre thrashes Shekinah 6-2 and remains undefeated in international competition

Chilean team now faces Super Liga Fut7 in the third round to define the leadership of the group. Shekinah is eliminated and closes the competition against Boca Juniors

22/07/2022 20h47
Por: Press Office
Vithor Marques
Vithor Marques

The Copa Sudamericana de Futebol 7 hosted the confrontation between Los Fecha Libre (Chile) and Shekinah (Brazil), in the second round of Group A, this Friday (22), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Chilean team thrashed the Brazilian team by 6 to 2 and remains unbeaten in the championship.

At dusk in the Argentine capital, the teams played their second game in the group stage. In the debut, the Chilean team drew against Boca Juniors; while the Brazilian team was thrashed by the Argentine team Super Liga F7.

The first half began with the teams studying the opponent's behavior on the field of play. The few spaces left by the opponents made it difficult to finish the play. At 6, in a beautiful move on the right, the ball was left for Perez who found the Shekinah goalkeeper from the front. A beautiful defense avoiding the Chilean team's goal. A minute later, Fecha Libre scored with Moreira. In a kick from outside the area, goalkeeper Sabadin gave a rebound and the pivot took the opportunity to score on the rebound.

After the goal, in the same minute, the Chilean team missed the chance to expand the score with a shot that passed close to the Shekinah goalkeeper's right post. At 9, Daniel tied for the Brazilian team. He took advantage of the sugary pass from the right, the defense didn't cut, and he kicked hard and low to beat the Chilean goalkeeper.

At 11, Alejandro tried to score a new Chilean goal. In a quick play, the ball was left in the middle for him to kick hard from outside the area and beat the Brazilian goalkeeper. Three minutes later, in the failure of the defense, which did not cut the ball, Vásquez hit the ball flat and the goalkeeper could not make the save. 3 to 1 for the Chilean team. At 23, came the fourth goal of the Chilean team. Rojas took advantage of the vacillation of the Brazilian defense that did not cut a cross from the right. The pivot received the ball from another player positioned in the middle of the area to score the fourth goal of the Fecha Libre. The Chilean team's fifth goal came in stoppage time, 5-1.

In the second half, the teams returned with the same disposition as in the first half, but in the first ten minutes, no more goals were scored. At 11, Shekinah, in a beautiful table that passed by the foot of four players, scored with Daniel who received on the left wing and reduced the score of the game. However, at 14, Vásquez scored another one with a low kick inside the penalty area for the Chilean team. 6 to 2. Game over.

Now the Chilean team faces Super Liga Fut7 (Argentina), in the third round, to define the leadership of the group. Shekinah says goodbye to the competition against Boca Juniors (Argentina), this Saturday morning.

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