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SA Betesporte beat Comodoro 3-0 and qualifies for the quarterfinals

The game between Brazilians and Argentines had a lot of fouls and expulsions. Argentine team faces Colombia's Bogotá Seven for a spot in the next phase

22/07/2022 22h54
Por: Press Office
Vithor Marques
Vithor Marques

The Copa Sudamericana de Futebol 7 hosted the confrontation between Comodoro (Argentina) and SA Betesporte (Brazil), in the second round of Group C, this Friday (22), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Brazilian team won the game by 3 to 0, guaranteed the first position of the group and the early classification for the quarterfinals.

In the first stage, the Brazilian team started dictating the rhythm of the match and creating the best possibilities. At 9, in the free kick, Kelvin hit and the ball apparently touched the foot of the post, despite a player of the team being close to the post and appearing to have deflected. But a minute later came the goal of the Brazilian team with Lipão. In a quick table built, he appeared alone in the middle of the penalty area and kicked hard in the air to beat the Argentine goalkeeper.

At 28, in a fatal counterattack, after an error by the Argentine team in a throw-in, George advanced from the defensive field, invaded the opponent's area, cut the marker, and sent a strong low kick to beat the goalkeeper. 2-0 in the first half.

In the second half, in a play that started with the goalkeeper, SA Betesporte reached the third goal. In the 6th minute, Chaveirinho received on the left wing and sent a strong kick from outside the area in the angle of the Argentine goalkeeper. A great goal. In the 16th, in a mess, a red card was left, after the push-push, for a player on each side, Gabriel Paraiso and Pacheco. At 23, almost the fourth goal of the Brazilian team, but stopped in the important defense of the Argentine goalkeeper. At the end of the match, the Brazilian team still burst in allowed fouls, but there was no time for anything else. Only for Montenegro from the Argentinian team to be sent off at the lights out.

This Saturday, in the third round, Bogotá Seven (Colombia) and Comodoro (Argentina) compete for the last spot for the next phase. Meanwhile, Budge's Tigers are already eliminated.

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