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SA Betesporte beats Tigres de Budge 28-1 in a game with several hat-tricks and poker-tricks

Brazilian team demonstrates superiority and thrashes the young Paraguayan team. Kelvin, Lipão, Ted Love and Flávio scored their poker-tricks

23/07/2022 12h38 Updated 10 months
Por: Press Office

The Copa Sudamericana de Futebol 7 hosted the clash between SA Betesporte (Brazil) and Tigres de Budge (Paraguay), in the third round of Group C, this Saturday (23), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Brazilian team was already classified and only fulfilled the table, while the Paraguayan team was eliminated and ends the competition without adding points. SA Betesporte thrashed the Paraguayan team 28-1 with several hat-tricks and poker-tricks.

In the first half, in the first minute, Ted Love opened the scoring for Betesporte. The ball was kicked in the middle of the penalty area, splashed in the defense, and left on the right for the scorer to just push it into the nets. At 3, in a quick exchange of passes, Lipão kicked hard in the left corner of the Paraguayan goalkeeper and scored the second goal for the Brazilian team. Two minutes later, in a quick move that came out of the middle, he scored with Macaé, who only had the work to shore up the back of the net.

And the rout was consummated at 9, when Lipão kicked and Macaé just had the job of subtly shoring up the nets again. At 11, in exchange for passes between Macaé and Lipão, on the goalkeeper's rebound, top scorer Ted Love saved one more in the nets. In the same minute, Well scored his after a sugary pass from Lipão. Don't lose count, 6 to 0. At 17, in a well-adjusted table, Well put his second goal in the nets of the young Paraguayan team. A minute later, when the defender failed, the eighth goal came with Lipão. At 21, Joker scored his. In the easy play and with the exchange of passes between four players, the ninth goal came out. At 22, Macaé scored the tenth goal and at 23, in an attempt by Macaé, the ball was left for Flávio to score the goal in a flat ball. 11 to 0.

In the second half, right in the first, after inattention by the Brazilian defense, Rojas scored a great goal putting the ball in the corner. Soon after, the Brazilian team responded and scored with George. 12 to 1. The thirteenth went out with Kelvin. At 4, Flávio received the ball from Chaveirinho and scored the 14th goal. At 6, Flávio scored another goal and scored his hat-trick also in the match. Soon after, Flávio made one more and his poker-trick. At 7, Kelvin's right leg also scored his own. At 9, Chaveirinho sent a strong kick from the left wing and scored the 18th goal of the Brazilian team.

At 10, from a corner, Kelvin received, turned, and scored his hat-trick, as did Flávio and Macaé. With 12, Ted Love scored his third goal also in the table with Kelvin. At 13, Lipão's right leg kicked hard from outside the area and saved his third goal, another hat-trick. 21 to 1. At 15, Ted Love scored a great goal after Lipão's sugary pass. Your poker trick. At 16, Kelvin scored his new goal in the table with Lipão. In the same minute, Ícaro scored his own in a Kelvin pass. 24 to 1. At 19, Lipão scored with Kelvin. At 21, Kelvin and Well made a beautiful move and that one just happened for Ted Love to score. At 23, Joker scored his second goal of the game. 27 to 1. At 24, Joker passed to Well to score one more and make his hat-trick. Game over, 28 to 1.

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