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Boca Juniors makes a historic match and wins 11-1

The duel featured beautiful goals and inspired scorers. But, triumph did not guarantee the Xeneizes in the next phase

23/07/2022 12h57
Por: Press Office
Photo: Vithor Marques
Photo: Vithor Marques

The group stage matches of the Copa Sudamericana were the big attraction on Saturday morning (23) in SB5 Fútbol - Quadra 1, in Buenos Aires. On court, Shekinah (BRA) and Boca Juniors (ARG) sought three points in the competition. Boca made a historic match and won by 11 to 1.

A duel between Brazilians and Argentineans. Boca needed a combination of results to continue in the competition. Victory would be crucial. This was clear from the first minutes. With forty seconds, Santillán shot from outside the area and scored the first goal for the Argentines. At 2:00, Moisés scored an own goal: 2:0 for the Xeneizes. At 4, he did it again, Santillán received the pass near the goal and did not waste the opportunity. The game decreased in intensity. But at 18, Zineroni scored a spectacular goal. He took the ball and sent a beautiful volley over the top. And that was the end of an electrifying first half for the Argentine team. 4 a 0.

In the second half, eight balls in the net. Two minutes later, Raul Perez scored the fifth with a volley. Seven minutes later, Diego scored goal number six. With 12 minutes to go, Giacobbe received the pass and shot hard to make the seventh. 7-0 to Boca Juniors. At 14, Gabriel scored for Shekinah. 7 a 1. However, the Xeneizes continued at a strong pace. They scored four goals in the last minutes. At 23, Raul Perez masterfully took a free-kick to score his second of the game and the team's eighth. One minute later it was Cantero's turn to score one more. 9 a 1. At 26, Jose took the shootout well and scored the tenth goal for Boca Juniors. In the last minute, Valentino picked up the ball on the goal line and did not waste it. He scored the team's 11th goal. Final: Shekinah 1 x 11 Boca Juniors. Despite the great performance, the result did not qualify the Xeneizes who finished third in the group. 

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