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With Kelvin hat-trick Bet Esporte beats City Club 9-0

Brazilian club is first classified for the grand final of the Sudamerican Cup

24/07/2022 10h32
Por: Press Office
Photo: FIF7
Photo: FIF7

The Sudamerican Cup hosted the clash between S.A Bet Esporte and City Club this Sunday (24), at SB5 Fútbol, in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the first match of the semifinal, qualifying for the grand final.

In the first half, at the first opportunity, with 30 seconds into the game, Chaveirinho opened the scoring for Bet Esporte in a good kick at the entrance of the area with no chance of defending the opposing goalkeeper. At 8 minutes Bet Esporte reached the second goal with Kelvin, in an objective move, the player receives a pass, without a goalkeeper to push to the back of the net. In the 23rd minute, Bet Esporte reached the third goal, Eltinho covered the Argentine goalkeeper and passed it to Macaé to send a header into the back of the net. In the next move Macaé scored the fourth goal, on the second post, the player was well positioned and only needed to push to the back of the net. The fifth goal, came in the 28th minute in a shoot-out charge by Lipão, the player dribbled the goalkeeper before finishing.

At the return of the break, with 1 minute of game, Kelvin scored for Bet Esporte, face to face with the goalkeeper of the Argentine team, in a domain of the left leg. Kelvin was also the author of the seventh goal, at 3 minutes in a beautiful team play. Chaveirinho scored the eighth goal of Bet Esporte, in the 8th minute. Ted Love scored the nineth goal, at 12 minutes in a counterattack, the ball was left to the player to finish in the middle of the goal.

SA Bet Esporte faces the winner of Resak 2 and Late Fútbol.