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Brazil beats Colombia 4-0 in Copa América debut

The Brazilian team imposes the rhythm of the game and creates the best chances to score. Teams debuted in the competition and now face Venezuela in the second game of the group stage

25/07/2022 12h24
Por: Press Office

The Copa América de Futebol 7 hosted the duel between the teams of Brazil and Colombia, in group B of the men's category, this Monday (25), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The opening match of the two teams takes place on a rainy and cold day in the Argentine capital. The Brazilian team won the game by 4 to 0 and took advantage in the group stage. Group B has Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

In the first half, Brazil started dictating the rhythm of the game, turning the ball in different sectors of the field, and looking for some shots from outside the area. At 5, Marcelo kicked, on the goalkeeper's rebound, and the ball was blocked by the Colombian defender, avoiding the goal of the Brazilian team. At 9, the Brazilian goal came out. Kelvin started on the counterattack, in a cross from the right, the ball was deflected by the Colombian defense, hit the foot of the opposite post, and went into the goal.

At 15, in an attempt to shoot from outside the area of ​​Kelvin, the ball was deflected to the baseline. The Brazilian team almost managed to score its second goal. The Colombian team failed to score on goal in the first half. End of early stage, Brazil 1, Colombia 0.

In the second half, with less than a minute, Marcelinho hit with his left leg, after a pass by Kelvin, and sent the Colombian goalkeeper into the left corner. Brazil's second goal. At 2, Gonzales started alone, passed two markers, but in the kick the ball burst in the Brazilian defense. The best opportunity of the Colombian team in the match.

At 7, in the wrong exit of the Colombian team, Maloqueiro Chick scores his first goal and Brazil's third in the goalkeeper's rebound. He took a shot from outside the area. At 20, in a quick counterattack, Daba caught the leftover ball on the right end and sent it to the net, putting the fourth Brazilian goal in the Colombian net. End of game, 4 to 0 for Brazil against Colombia.

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