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Colombia defeats Venezuela 6-2 and wins the first in the Copa America

The Colombian team is better in both halves and waits for the game between Venezuela and Brazil to know where they finish in the group stage

25/07/2022 17h56
Por: Press Office

The Copa América de Futebol 7 hosted the duel between the teams of Colombia and Venezuela, in group B of the men's category, this Monday (25), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The match marked the debut of the Venezuelan national team and the second game of the Colombian team. The Colombian team won 6-2, anda now occupying the second position with the sum of the first three points in the group stage. Group B has Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

With full stands, after the heavy rain in the morning, the fans saw a “rain of goals” in the game. In the first stage, at 6, Colombia reached its first goal. Richard pushed into the net, after the Venezuelan goalkeeper failed. The ball came to him after a shot from the middle of the street found him positioned on the opposite post. Six minutes later, in a kick from the side, the ball was placed in the area, and the Colombian player Cipacon went to cut the ball and sent a shot backwards into his goal, the ball even came to cover the archer.

At 21, the Colombian team again went ahead of the marker. Richard received in the half, a vertical pass from the left wing, advanced, and sent it to the goal. The goalkeeper still collaborated and could not defend. 2 to 1 Colombia.

In the second half, after 2 minutes, Bata extended it to Colombia. The goalkeeper rose straight into the area, Ospina dominated and gave a well-aimed pass for Bata to hit the goalkeeper's opposite corner and score the third Colombian goal. At 8, the Colombian team scored the fourth goal. After a play that started in the defensive field, the ball was passed from foot to foot, on the right end a perfect cross came out for the player Mauricio, alone on the second stick, just propping to the back of the net.

At 13, in a wrong exit of the goalkeeper, the fixed also failed, and Gonzales scored the fifth Colombian goal in the match. Two minutes later, the Venezuelan ball was lifted in the area and the ball was headed down by Moreno and beat the Colombian goalkeeper. 5 to 2. At 19, Venezuela put a ball on the crossbar and almost reached its third goal. After a tough foul, Colombian player Júan Rodriguez was sent off. There was time left for at 27, Colombia scored the sixth goal with Axur. He passed as he wanted through the Venezuelan defense and closed the score by 6 to 2.

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