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Brazil beats Venezuela 13-1

The Brazilian team is qualified directly for the semifinals

25/07/2022 21h23 Updated 10 months
Por: Press Office
Photo: FIF7
Photo: FIF7

The American Cup hosted the confrontation between Venezuela and Brasil this Monday (25), at S5 Fútbol, in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the third round of the men's qualifying phase

In the first half with just 2 minutes, Brazil opened the scoring, Lipão completed the goal after a cross in measure. The second goal came, at 4 minutes, Andreas released a shot from outside the area, in the corner of the Venezuelan goalkeeper. Brazil's third goal came in the 11th minute, Beto in an individual move faces the goal and sends the Venezuelan goalkeeper in the right corner. In the 14th minute, Brazil's fourth goal: this time with Bololo, in an assist by Neguin Jr. In the next move, Lipão scored the team's fifth goal, in the 15th minute, with an assist by Kelvin, in another. Exchange of passes by Bet Esporte players. In the 22nd minute, Bololo scored the sixth goal of the Brazilian team, in an error by the opposing goalkeeper. There was  still time for the seventh, before the end of the first half. Chaveirinho in a cross ball into the area.

In the second half, Brazil scored the eighth goal, with Neguin Jr in a good pass to the back of the net. With 5 minutes, Brazil had already scored two goals, in the second half and nine in the game. At 7 minutes, Lipão scored Brazil's tenth goal, the ball deflected in the marking and in the goalkeeper to stop at the bottom of the net. The player reached his hat-trick. In the next minute, Maloqueiro Chique scored a goal to amplify the result. The 12th goal, came in the 9th minute, Dabá in a shot by Chaveirinho, the player Dabá was in the right place and at the right time to push to the back of the net. Venezuela scored, in a subtle touch, after a goal kick in the 14th minute. But Brazil, in the next bid, tried to expand. Tuco took advantage of the Venezuelan goalkeeper leaving a corner open and sent it right there to score the 13th goal.

With the result, Brazil managed to qualify directly for the semifinal of the American Cup, without having to go through the repechage.