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Brazil plays a great game and wins by 5-0

Brazilian team shows precision in the use of opportunities and creativity to beat Colombia. Back to the top of the group

26/07/2022 12h13
Por: Press Office
Photo: FIF7
Photo: FIF7

The group stage matches of the women's Copa America were the big attraction on the morning of Tuesday (26) at SB5 Fútbol - Quadra 1, in Buenos Aires. On court, Brazil and Colombia sought three points in the competition. Brazil played a great match and won by 5-0.

Two teams in different moments. Brazil seeking a victory to regain the top of the table and Colombia wanting to win for the first time. Both teams had a well-balanced first few minutes. The defenses successfully neutralized the dangerous opportunities. No one could score. But in the 14th minute everything changed. Thais received in the area and sent a strong shot with her left leg to put Brazil in the lead. 1 a 0. The Seleção Canarinha followed pressing and had result. At 16, Lai won a perfect pass from Thais, on a free-kick, and shot into the corner of the Colombian goal. She scored the second Brazilian goal. With this, the Brazilian team went into the break with a good advantage.

In the second half, Brazil wanted to keep the advantage and Colombia was looking for an epic reaction. But the Brazilian team was precise. At 12:00 Sabrina took the ball near the goal and scored the third Brazilian goal. Los Cafeteros tried to cash in, but could not beat the opposing defense. In the 20th minute, Iana scored a beautiful goal for Brazil. She took the ball and, with a beautiful shot from outside the area, scored the fourth Brazilian goal. 4 a 0. In the last minute, Nadine deflected the ball and defined the duel. Final: Brazil 5 x 0 Colombia. A victory that gave the Brazilian team the lead, reaching 7 points in three matches played.  

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