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Chile thrashes Venezuela 9-0 in the repechage and faces Brazil in the semifinals

Chilean team imposes a four-goal advantage in the first stage. Semi-final is scheduled for early Tuesday night

26/07/2022 13h25
Por: Press Office

The Copa América de Futebol 7 hosted the duel between Chile (second in group A) and Venezuela (third in group B), in the men's repechage, this Tuesday (26), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires. , in Argentine. The Chilean team won the game 9-0 and now faces Brazil in the semifinals earlier tonight.

In the first stage, at 2 minutes, in a beautiful exchange of passes, Matías received inside the penalty area and completed for the goal, opening the score in favor of Chile. The second Chilean goal came soon after. In the 9th minute, in the free kick, the ball was kicked into the area and had a subtle deflection by Olivares who deceived the Venezuelan goalkeeper. Two minutes later, Chile extended the score. After the goalkeeper made a mistake, sharing the ball with the Chilean forward, Rojas took advantage of the rebound and just pushed the ball into the net. At 22, the Chilean team blinded the fourth goal with Moralez. He passed a marker, prepared for the good leg, and sent it to the back of the net.

In the second half, the game slowed down due to greater wear in the first half and the favorable score to Chile built before the break. The Chilean team seemed to save a little more in the first half of the second half for the night's clash against Brazil. At 14, however, Rojas scored the fifth Chilean goal. In a well made table, with cadenced play, the ball was hit to the back of the net. With 17, Rabarrette kicked and the ball deflected in the marking killing the Venezuelan goalkeeper. At 19, Figueroa went out alone, face to face with the goalkeeper, and extended the score to 7 to 0. At 23, came the eighth goal with Calderón. At the cross, free inside the area, he just dribbled the goalkeeper and hit the back of the goal. A minute later there was another Chilean goal with Matías headed. Game over, Chile 9 x 0 Venezuela.

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