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In a game with a goal drop, Uruguay beats Colombia 3-1 in the repechage and faces Argentina in the semifinals

Uruguay team meets Argentina again after dueling in the group stage. An unusual situation happened with Colombia's disallowed goal after the goal fell on the players

26/07/2022 14h18 Updated 10 months
Por: Press Office

The Copa América de Futebol 7 hosted the duel between Colombia (second in group A) and Uruguay (third in group B), in the men's playoffs, this Tuesday (26), at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires. , in Argentine. The Uruguayan team won the game 3-1 and now faces Argentina in the semifinal tonight.

In the first half, the game started intense with rougher arrivals and a yellow card in the first minute of the match for the Colombian national team. The highly disputed game featured punctual intervention by the goalkeepers and a lot of ball dispute in the middle of the field, with strong markings from the defensive systems. At 21, almost the Uruguayan goalkeeper fouls the Colombian player in a wrong exit almost in the half court. At 25, the best game chance. In Uruguay's steal, the ball was passed to the left wing, and the cross found the player free in the area. He sent the shot over the goal and missed the Uruguayan goal. A minute later, in X1, Uruguay missed the goal, but the referee did not signal a subtle tug of the Uruguayan player's shirt by the Colombian athlete.

In the second half, the celestial goal came after 2 minutes. In the good exchange of passes, the ball came out of the middle and found Urraburro almost close to the left post that only supported the goal. Open the playoffs in favor of Uruguay.

At 6, an unusual and controversial moment, as the goal fell on the Uruguayan players, at the same moment that the Colombian player put the ball in the net while the post fell. The referee signaled the goal. Soon after, he went to consult the table. The game was stopped for almost three minutes. However, the referee went back and decided to cancel the Colombian goal on the grounds that it had not crossed the baseline. Lots of complaints.

Soon after, the Brazilian referee dropped the ball in front of the penalty area, and almost hindered the development of the throw on the rebound of the barrier. At 14, the Colombian player Bryan received a red card for a complaint. The game became more heated.

At 16, the Colombian team took a risk from outside the area and demanded a difficult defense from the Uruguayan goalkeeper. A minute later it was Matteo's turn to defend in the Colombian goal, avoiding Uruguay's second goal. At 25, the last Uruguayan goal. In the error of the line goalkeeper, Roldán put the second goal in the Colombian net. At 28, Santiago had to intervene to avoid Colombia's goal. A minute later, the Colombian player deflected a shot from the middle of the street and almost sent it to the net. Incredible one more goal missed.

At 30, the Colombian goal. In a quick move from the right wing, Richard took advantage of the cross and reduced the score to 2 to 1. A minute later, Powell took advantage and feinted two markers and hit the back of the goalkeeper's net. Game over, 3-1.

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