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In a 10-goal game, Colombia won Paraguay 8-2

The result was the first victory of the Colombian women’s team in the Copa América

26/07/2022 17h15
Por: Press Office
Photo: FIF7
Photo: FIF7

The American Cup hosted the confrontation between Colombia and Paraguay this Tuesday (26), at S5 Fútbol, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the fourth round of the women's qualifiers.

In the first half at 2 minutes, Colombia opened the scoring, with a beautiful shot from the right side and a cross to the back of the net. At 4 minutes, Colombia extended with a beautiful driblle on the goalkeeper. And pratically in the next move, the third goal with style. At 11 minutes, Colombia scored the fourth goal, with a good pass and ball control to the back of the net. In the next move, Colombia widened in a beautiful goal. Paraguay managed to score in the 14th minute, in a cross and Gonzáles arrives hitting to send it to the back of the net. In the 18th minute, Paraguay reached the second goal of the match, Palácio in a free kick.

In the second half, Colombia extended it in the 8th minute in a beautiful goal from the entrance of the area. Two minutes later, Colombia extended, Mariluz scored to secure Colombia's first victory in the competition. The eighth goal of the Colombiam team came, at 15 minutes, in a left leg kick.