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Chile ends the group stage with an excellent display. A 12-2 triumph against Paraguay

Victory puts La Roja in bronze medal contention

27/07/2022 10h58 Updated 10 months
Por: Press Office
Photo: FIF7
Photo: FIF7

The group stage matches of the women's Copa America were the big attraction on Wednesday morning (27) in SB5 Fútbol - Quadra 1, in Buenos Aires. On court, Chile and Paraguay sought three points in the competition. Chile played an excellent game and won by 12 to 2.

Chile and Paraguay closed the group phase of Copa América. Paraguay scored a lightning goal. At 30 seconds, Palacio picked up the ball and scored. 1-0 to La Albirroja. Chile responded with intensity. With 3 minutes left, Márquez shot from the edge of the area and the ball went to the corner. 1 to 1 for Chile. And they kept going. At 8, Perez received a beautiful pass from Márquez and turned the match for La Roja. At 10, another goal. Nicole, Chile's number 10, struck a powerful shot from the edge of the box to make it 3-1. 3 a 1. A minute later, she did it again, the number 10, after a great play of the team, did not waste and scored her second and the fourth of the team. The pace dropped a bit. However, in the last minutes, a sequence of Chilean goals. At 23, Camila scored with her head. One minute later, Sara shot near the goal to make the sixth. Finally, at 25, Chile scored for the seventh time. 7 a 1.

In the second half, La Roja came back with the same intensity. In the 7th minute, Perez took the rebound from the goalkeeper and scored the eighth goal. Only Paraguay managed to pull one back. González made a beautiful individual move and shot hard to score La Albirroja's second goal. 8 a 2. However, Chile was relentless. With 15 minutes left, Barbara received a perfect pass near the goal and scored her first. Minutes later, the player scored her second in the match and the Chilean eleventh. 11 a 2. At the end of the match, Figueroa received the ball and with the point of her boot shot strongly from outside the area. And that was the end of a great match for La Roja. Final: Chile 12 to 2. The result puts Chile in contention for the bronze medal. The duel will be against Colombia.        

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