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La Roja is champion! Chile beats Argentina 2-1 to lift the Copa America trophy

With one goal each half, the match had a lot of mood, emotion and rough plays. Men's teams adopted strong markings creating difficulties for the offensive systems

27/07/2022 17h00
Por: Press Office

Chile and Argentina made the men's final this Wednesday, July 25, with a full grandstand, chants, blue and white smoke, and a percussion show by an Argentine musical group, almost to the sound of an “Olodum”. The men's final has arrived! In this atmosphere, the Copa América de Futebol 7 hosted the South American clash between the Chilean teams and the Argentine host, at SB5 Fútbol, ​​in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Chilean team defeated Argentina 2-1 with one goal in each period.

In the first half, the teams found it very difficult to complete the plays due to the strong marking. Argentina took the lead, winning two corners in less than a minute. At 3, Argentina managed a beautiful move from the left. The ball was kicked and passed, taking paint off the Chilean goalkeeper's left post. At 14, the first clear opportunity for Chile, but in the free-kick the ball was whipped inside the area and the team narrowly missed opening the scoring. The game is worthy of a final with strong marking and rougher plays, without disloyalty.

With 20 minutes, Argentina had another chance with a shot from outside the area, but the ball went a little far from the goal. At 21, in the ball split with the Argentine goalkeeper, the ball went into the goal, but the referee disallowed the Chilean goal for fouling the archer. A minute later, the Argentine goal was almost scored by Tévez, in a very dangerous move. The score of the game was barely opened. In the 24th minute, in the kick-in, the ball was thrown into the area and Calderón kicked it, the ball grazing the Argentine goalkeeper's right post.

When the tie seemed certain in the first stage, Chile, at 27, scored with Calderón. The ball was touched by high, the Argentine defender deflected it with his head to the middle of the area, and the pivot saved the Chilean goal in the back of the net.

In the second stage, the Argentine team tried to equalize in the first minute with a shot from outside the area, but the ball went far from the goal. Chile soon responded and if it hadn't been for the handball, the second goal could have been accomplished.

The game then went from here, from there. At times Argentina was in danger, at other times Chile. At 5, Lucas missed the header in the corner, almost the Argentine tie. A minute later, in a beautiful exchange of passes that passed by three Chilean athletes, José extended the score in the 7th minute by deflecting the ball into the net. At 17, Gallardo made a beautiful save and avoided the Argentine goal after a strong kick from outside the area.

At 22, almost the Argentine goal. In the cross, the finishing foot was missing for the net of the pivot of the Argentine national team, Sanabria. But at 24 in the cross kick from the right the ball found the direction of the goal with Tevez. Emotion in the final stretch. In the end, Argentine pressure and Chilean team cornered.

Individual awards:

Best goalkeeper: Gallardo (Chile)

Top Scorer: Lipão - 9 goals (Brazil)

Best player: Figueroa (Chile)

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