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Russia wants the second world championship among women

The team beat Brazil in a historic game in Rio de Janeiro in 2021

09/03/2023 05h15
Por: Press Office
Russia wants the second world championship among women

Russia's national team is one of the biggest forces in world football. The team was runner-up in 2019 in Italy and in 2021 again reached the final and won the title by overcoming Brazil in the final game. The team wants to go to Mexico to win the world title again.

The Football 7 World Championship is in its eighth edition and the last final was between Brazil and Russia. The Brazilian team was the champion. The next edition of the competition is in Puebla (Mexico) and will be played in two events. In the first event between national teams and in the second event between clubs.

World Championship - National Teams - 07-10.September
World Championship - Clubs - 11-14.September

All interested teams can apply directly with the Federation.

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